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Product description

.1 Feature

  • Super-wide bandwidth exchange-picture quality between PC and TV.
  • Full implement tuner, auto-search programs, for NTSC/PAL system CATV or wireless TV signal.
  • External connected design, don’t need to install software and don’t occupy the resources of hardware and software.
  • Full-function Remote controller, it is easy to operate.
  • Wide bandwidth VGA-TV switch up to 200MHz.
  • OSD Chinese-English exchange.
  • With function to adjust bright, contrast, color and sharp of picture.
  • Nice-looking and loudspeaker inside.
  • 9bit video ADC, 10bit DAC, 2D comb fliter video enhancemene.

1.2 Package

   ● Digital PC/TV receiverone set

   ● User’s manualone piece

   ● Full-function Remote controllerone piece

   ● VGA lineone piece

   ● Stereo audio lineone piece

   ● Power box (some products have)one piece

   ● Batteryone pair

1.3 Technical specification

   ● Receipt channel:DS1-57CH Z1-38CH

   ● Channel memorizing numbers:128-1000

   ● Output V frequency:50Hz-60Hz

   ● H frequency:31KHz-32KHz

   ● RF:75Ω

   ● Power consumption:8W

   ● Power:+5V-1A

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