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smart tv card

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smart tv card

Commodity No.:
Product description

Main functions :
notebook computers for high-definition television cards.
Adopt new Philips silicon HF first, the addition of support
for a global standard for the whole channel reception, as
many as 125 channels (depending on the specific number of local
television formats vary) hard disk video sources of support
outside television receiving new software to support global applications. Hardware

1.Philips TDA8275A,TDA8290 New silicon Tunner
2.TV standard;NTSC/PAL/SECAM
3.Video Input:TV,S_VIdeo.Composite
4.Video Resolution:720*576(PAL) 720*480(NTSC)
5.VIDEO Capture rate:25 rrames/second(Pal)
30 frames/second(NTSC)
6.Audio Stereo input:left,Right
7.Hardware Interface:card Bus

Applications software :
InterVideo software applications with the latest WinDVR3.0 TV
Support high-quality compressed VCD/DVD
Support global standard TV reception and multinational language
Support multi-picture show
Support Time Shifting

System Requirements:
1.CPU:Pentium 3 500 ir above
2.Operation System:Windows 2000 Or Windows XP
6.CD_ROM Drive
7.200MB of available hard disk space or above

Cable Connection Chart:





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