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Product description

Products Introduction

  QS 401 series products to meet the needs of different users, having created the latest digital technology products. It is a multifunctional digital audio-visual system possesses high for your digital life-experience the endless charm. It sets entirely declassified, booking video, time for the integration of new technologies, such as translation, the use of software and real-time decryption of video images MPEG-1/MPEG-2 compressed format collection.

  QS 401 a five-generation TV reception chips (Philips 7130), brought you into the realm of super-magnificent picture quality of digital television. - Cable channels / antenna selection station functionality immediate MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or RM, ASF, capture, video broadcasting, video processing to meet your collection and the different needs. - Functional infrared remote sensor for your operation more convenient simpl

1.1 Product Functions

  • Introduction a five-generation TV reception chips (Philips 7130)

  • all remote functions : remote-tv station, remote video, remote scanning

  • Fifth-generation smart Hin use optimization technology to improve picture quality 35%

  • clarity to DVD effects, resolution reached 720*576

  • colors nine sampling, color saturation to 100% of the images, fonts are sharp and clear

  • supporting VCD, SVCD, DVD immediate capture

  • real-time RM, MPEG4, document coding flow collection, support networks broadcasting

  • video control : video brightness, contrast gradient, saturation, chroma, using powers

  • pal and NTSC support 16:9 (DVD mode) and 4:3 display, recording

  • provide a group of AV interfaces, S-VIDEO interfaces, TV interfaces, audio in, audio advice interface

  • cable channels throughout / antenna station election functions

  • desktop video functions  

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