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SD Scart DVB-T

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SD Scart DVB-T

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• DVB-T COFDM demodulator
• MPEG transport demux and A/V decoder
• 32 programmable PID filters
• Embedded 32-bit RISC processor
• Embedded audio processor support multiple audio format
• Embedded 8 bit i/o processor support programmable interface control
• Embedded TV encoder with 4-channel built-in video DAC to
  support 480i/480p/576i/576p format
• Embedded 2-channel audio DAC
• Video decoder: real time MPEG-2 
MP@ML decoding, real time MPEG-4 ASP D1
  resoultion decoding, advanced decoding and display control
• Audio decoder: flexible programmable DSP architecture, support  LPCM and PCM
  playback, support MPEG I/II layer  and MPEG 2.5  playback (with optional down-mixing)
• Video display: de-interlacing or interlaced video source
• OSD: support 2/4/16/256 indexed color with de-flickering, support 16/24 direct color
• UK DTG MHEG5 Certified and Conax CA embedded
• Frequency range:  VHF: 147-429.9MHz,  UHF:430-858MHz
• With video recording function
• Support USB, MMC/SD/MS Card, games, software upgrades function
• Size: 129x76x25mm(LxWxH)

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