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Product description


  Use Display Deviceinstead of monitorconsumedly save the cost of monitoring.

Introduction of Production:

It can change the signals of“s” terminatorofvideo into VGA signals line-by-line. Let your monitor change into flicker free display.Flicker free displayis good display. It also can be connected to VCD/DVD/Webcam/set-top boxetc. And make your monitor be like digital TV.

Functional features of production:

lAdvanced scan frequency improves the technique,Refresh rate can be easily switched between 60HZ—75HZ, while the pictures don’t flick.

lResolving capability can be easily switched among (640*480/800*600/1024*768/1280*1024/1440*900/1680*1050),CRT MONITOR and LCD MONITOR are compatible

lThe Functionof Extra Strong3D image denoising makesthe pictures clear and steady.

lDistinguishingPIP function, and the size and position of the windows can be adjusted.

lThe AV/S terminatorinput interface can be connected to DVD/PDP/PS2/Game Consoleetc.

lBroadbandPC/TV selector switch(200MHZ

12 Package Contents

uHost of converter ----------------------------one

uOperating instruction of converter ----------------------one

uA/C adaptor----------------------------one

uS terminator line --------------------------one

uVideo cable-------------------------------one

uVGA signal wire ------------------------------one



Explanation of interfaces:




      (1)DC 5V

A/V adaptor

      (2) Infrared remotereceiver module

According to customer’s  needs

      (3)Video In

Connect to Video Camera/VCD/DVD/ Game Console

      (4)S video In

Connect to Video Camera/VCD/DVD/ Game Console

      (5)VGA Out

Connect to monitor

      (6)VGA In

Connect to AGP(Accelerated Graphics Port)



Operating instructionof keystrokes

    1.AV/SV/VGAPressing this keystroke can easily switch Video / S terminator /VGA admittance.

2.STILLPressing this keystroke can change the current pictures into still image. And realize the function of taking photos.

3.PIPRealize that AV/S terminator opens a window to monitor on the condition of VGA. Let you can watch the pictures monitored when you use computer. On the condition ofPIP, press PIP again, pictures can be amplified or miniaturize. Press AV/SV/VGA and STILL pictures cab be moved up or down. Press MODE, pictures can be moved to left. Press MENU, you can exitfull screen.

4.MODEPressing this keystroke can changes Resolutionand refresh rateof pictures. Press MENU, conform. Press MODE, move to the model of selection barsand go to this model after 5 seconds.

5.MENUPressing it can open the operateMenu. Press ↑↓←→, can change the relevant information.

6.P.P: press it; there are 8 kinds of analog quantity of picture. Easily adjust the brightnesscontrast,saturationand definition.

Schematic diagram of connection:

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